Friday, February 20, 2009

Week 6 average Personal Rating Score 4.9%

Boys... don't have tell you but the ten of you left averaged a 4.9 score out of a possible 10.

That is a big fat F!

Get to work!!!!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Weeks 7 & 8. Welcome to the Lab B*#che$!!!

Week 6 is complete... leaving 10 weeks until the end of this competition.

HEY PEOPLE! We are sensing a bit of apathy and lack motivation out there!!!

Our job is to help you guys push to your limits and acheive your goals.

It is time to mix things up. So here it goes...

-We will not be awarding week 6 winners male or female due to low numbers on weight loss and personal evaluation ratings.

-There will be no report next week because for the next two weeks you will be entering "The Lab"

-What is the Lab you ask? Here are the requirements:


1. As the name implies, "The Lab" is an environment to experiment and discover new boundaries. For our purposes, your "Lab" will be the next 2 weeks and the ONLY purpose is to initiate a personal experiment for you to see what happens when you eat better and workout harder than you have in entire life!

2. Yes, we mean it. No excuses, no complaints, no rationalizing. How will you know you are doing it? Every single day over the next 14 days will be HARD. You will curse the ripquest name and wish you were dead. Each night as you go to bed you will be tired, hungry, and cranky! And as you crawl into that bed you will need to set your alarm in plenty of time to get that morning workout in.

3. Give your scale to someone to hide. Everyone is getting too hung up on that daily trip to weigh in. During the lab there will be no weighing in, just hard freaking work! When the 14 days are up, everyone will do a weigh in report and take their 8 week photos.

4. Perfect Eating: Yes we mean it. No junk food, no grease, no refined sugars, no bad food AT ALL!!! We don't care if it is your birthday or your wedding. There will be no cheat meals, sneaks, or snacks! For 2 weeks you can be perfect.

5. Double Workouts EVERYDAY: We mean this too. Twice a day you will engage in some form of fitness activity even if it is 15 minutes of stretching and sit ups before bed. The point is obviously to burn calories and create muscle but even more so, for you to prioritize your health and get you out of your current routines by forming new habits.

6. This contest is all about YOU achieving your goals and changing your life and as such is on your honor.

7. Recognize that we have put you in a horrible place with only two difficult options....

First Option: Read this, think to yourself ummm yeah whatever I will do what i can and if not oh well... blah, blah, blah go through the same old motions... blah blah.


Second option: Commit fully to this experiment, enter the lab, struggle, work your butt off, and come out of these two weeks unstoppable.

*Each ripquester needs to print up the above rules, post them where they can see them and reply to this email by typing "I name commit to my own personal Lab fitness experiment and will do everything required to complete it."

Over these 2 weeks we will posting on the blogs every tip and piece of motivation we can muster to see you through.

Have a great next 14 days!!!

Obama & HTFU

Current Weight:194
Total Loss: 7
Weekly Rating:6
Favorite Healthy Food: Bran Muffins
Best Workout Song: Bulls on Parade
Who is your biggest competition so far? Rumbling Tummy
Describe your fitness level and weight on May1? 160 in may and will be in Better shape then I was in high school and more ripped!

Total Loss: 6
Weekly Rating: 2
Favorite Healthy Food: Carrots - yum
Best Workout Song: I'm a Man - Black Strobe
Who is your biggest competition so far? Everyone
Describe your fitness level and weight on May1? Better than now.

Rumbling Tummy

Current Weight: 261
Total Loss: 20Weekly
Rating: 5Favorite
Healthy Food: fruit and veggies...sounds crazy I know
Best Workout Song: eye of the tiger by survivor
Who is your biggest competition so far? myself...
Describe your fitness level and weight on May1? able to run 3 miles no problem and weigh down to 240 i think that is a more realistic goal

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Big Papa & Cobra Kai

Big Papa
Current Weight: 178.6
Total Loss: 10 lbs
Weekly Rating: 4
Favorite Healthy Food: grilled salmon
Best Workout Song: anything from My Chemical Romance
Who is your biggest competition so far? my love for snacks
Describe your fitness level and weight on May1? down to about 160 with visible abs! I know I have them under here somewhere!

Cobra Kai
Current Weight: 236
Total Weight Loss: 22.5 lbs
Weekly Rating: 5 great workouts, terrible diet
Favorite Healthy Food: that is an oxymoron but if i have to say something it would have to be fruit.
Best Workout song: Casino Royale by Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass
Biggest Competition: Otto and Aspartame
May 1st: I think I'll be feeling great down around 210 lbs, afro flowing, upper thighs glistening in the sun as I prepare to dominate the Salem Spring Tri. I think the real test will be May 14th at my first post Rip Quest Angels day game. If I'm not a sweaty mess it will have all been worth it.

Slub & Beef

Current 192
Loss +1
Rating 5
Song let's get it on
Food fruit bowls at work
Competition beef
I was sick last week and worked out onceThis week I'm going strong

Current Weight:218
Total Loss:19
Weekly Rating:8
Favorite Healthy Food:bananas
Best Workout Song:eye of the tiger
Who is your biggest competition so far? Bearclaw
Describe your fitness level and weight on May1? Perfectly fit and toned

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Maverick & Bear Claw

Current Weight: 254
Total Loss: 18
Weekly Rating: 5
Favorite Healthy Food: Lara Bars
Best Workout Song: Cool answer-BB’s Skills to Pay the Bills Cheesy Truth—Destiny’s Child Survivor J
Who is your biggest competition so far? Looks like BearClaw is setting the bar as of now! (Despite the Doritos)
Describe your fitness level and weight on May1? A lean and mean 210 or less running 5K’s in 20 or less!

Bear Claw
Current Weight: 203 lbs.
Total Loss: 30 (I hit the big 30 in weight loss!)
Weekly Rating: 7 I have been sick for the last week and a half.... ugh. Too bad hacking up mucus doesn't burn calories.
Favorite Healthy Food: egg whites
Best Workout Song: Sandstorm... it is a techno dream
Who is your biggest competition so far? Cobra Kai, Maverick, and Beef make me the most nervous.
Describe your fitness level and weight on May 1? Sub 180 lbs, strong, fast, flexible, and ripped!

Chancho & Otto

Current: 214
Total Loss:14
Week Rate 2
Favorite healthy food- subway chicken breast with teri sauce
Best workout song- muse
Who is your biggest comp so far: myself
Fitness level: flat stomach, bigger arms, cut chest and dunking with 2 hands

Unfortunately Otto is no longer with us. RIP

Friday, February 13, 2009

Obama & HTFU

Current weight: 194
Loss during week 5:
Total loss from start: 208
Weekly Rating (1-10): 6.5
Best Workout Moment: none
Most Tempting Food: panda express
Famous Person dream body: LL cool J/mark wahlberg
Evaluate Weakness (what has stopped you so far from meeting your goals? how will you fix it?)
Not making this a priority. My health is most important and I need to match it.
Trash Talk: i don't have any, too much slacking.

Current weight: 219
Loss during week 5: +2
Total loss from start: 10
Weekly Rating (1-10): -3
Best Workout Moment:none
Most Tempting Food:Coke
Famous Person dream body: Tyson Apostol
Evaluate Weakness (what has stopped you so far from meeting your goals? how will you fix it?) I have just been unmotivated lately. I need to refocus on what my goals are. Need a nice cleansing weekend.
Trash Talk: N/A

Rumbling Tummy

Current Weight: 273
Loss During week 5: +6
Total Loss: --
Weekly Rating: 4
Best Workout Moment: chasing a car down a driveway bcuz the parking brake broke
Most Tempting Food : still the burritos
Famous Person Dream Body: Travis Snyder
Weakness: Keep putting weight on and have not changed my eating habits...maybe I should weigh myself at the same time everyday
Trash Talk: How can I when I am putting weight on according to the scale

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Cobra Kai & Big Papa

Cobra Kai
Cobra Kai back with a vengeance
Current Weight: 237 lbs
Loss During week 5: 5 lbs
Total Loss: 21.5 lbs
Weekly Rating: 9.5
Best Workout Moment: Slapping the back board in my basketball game and not missing the lay up.
Most Tempting Food: Brownies. Someone had to physically remove me from the room because I was cursing at the brownies worse than Christian Bale on a movie set.
Famous Person Dream Body: Its a Tie. Christian Bale in the Machinist or Gerrard Butler in 300.
Weakness: I drink too many bad drinks. I need to fall in love with water all over again.
Trash Talk: Hey guys puberty called and they want their 2nd favorite muscle joke back.

Big Papa
Current weight: 181.4
Loss during week 5: -2 lbs
Total loss from start: -7 lbs
Weekly Rating (1-10): 5
Best Workout Moment: skiing
Most Tempting Food: chocolate
Famous Person dream body: Brad Pitt in Troy
Evaluate Weakness (what has stopped you so far from meeting your goals? how will you fix it?) - losing focus and turning a cheat meal on Friday into a cheat weekend bender!
Trash Talk: slow and steady wins the ripquest

Monday, February 9, 2009

Slub & Beef

Current weight: 191
Loss during week 5: 5lbs
Total loss from start: 5lbs
Weekly Rating (1-10): 9
Best Workout Moment: i would say this whole week. I played at least six hours of soccer, snow boarded all day friday and hit the gym four times. My body was always sore
Most Tempting Food: Anything and everything on Sundays
Famous Person dream body: Brad Pitt in Fight Club
Evaluate Weakness (what has stopped you so far from meeting your goals? how will you fix it?) I wasnt taking anything to help myself with my work outs or kicking my ass when at the gym.
Trash Talk: Boys its on now

Current weight: 219
Loss during week 5: -3
Total loss from start: 18
Weekly Rating (1-10): 7
Best Workout Moment: working out with my wife every day, sometimes more than once.
Most Tempting Food: skittles
Famous Person dream body: batman
Evaluate Weakness (what has stopped you so far from meeting your goals? how will you fix it?) my weakness is getting home late and not wanting to work out. My fix is to at least get in a 20 min run in the morning
Trash Talk: When im batman then you can be robin

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Maverick & Bear Claw

Current weight: 252.5 lbs
Loss during week 5: 3 lbs
Total loss from start: 19 lbs
Weekly Rating (1-10): 8
Best Workout Moment: 7 minute mile (it was only 1 but hey…I’m still over 250!)
Most Tempting Food: Not Doritos
Famous Person dream body: Gotta be Lance, LL Cool J comes in a close second( My wife says Chef Ramsay from Hell’s Kitchen)Evaluate Weakness (what has stopped you so far from meeting your goals? how will you fix it?)I’ve consistently almost met my goals every week…I need to give it 110% instead of 90% despite my crazy life schedule. I need to find ways to work exercise into the things that I already have going on. I’ve got some pretty good ideas.
Trash Talk: I hit a plateau with my weight this week, but the workouts have been good and next week is gonna be big….look out!

Bear Claw
Current weight: 205 lbs
Loss during week 5: 0 lbs bummer
Total loss from start: 28 lbs
Weekly Rating (1-10): 7
Best Workout Moment: first brick workout in quite a while.
Most Tempting Food: a big waffle breakfast with all the fixins.
Famous Person dream body: probably Lance too except I'll keep both my testicles. Brad Pitt Fight CLub is pretty intense too. Evaluate Weakness (what has stopped you so far from meeting your goals? how will you fix it?)
I have done pretty well overall. I have had a hard time recently balancing increased exercise with my diet. I ate too much this week and have been slipping back into old habits. My workouts were really good though.
Trash Talk: I will be sub 200 by next report! or I'll buy all of you some Doritos... especially you Mav.

Chancho & Otto


current : 214
Week 5 loss: 2
total loss: 14
week rating: 6
workout moment: waking up early for the gym
most tempting food: valentinos
famous person dream body: brad pitt in troyeval: I am going to start charting my progress, workouts, and food. This has helped me in the past and I have failed to do it so far


current : 240
Week 5 loss: 1
week rating: 4
workout moment: waking
most tempting food: jumbo jack
famous person dream body: Chancho

eval: not so good. need to stop making excuses and go for it!

Friday, February 6, 2009

HTFU & Obama

Current weight: 217
Loss during week 4: +2
Total loss from start: 12
Total % weight loss: 5.5%
Weekly Rating (1-10): 4
Best Workout Moment: all of them
Most Tempting Food: Cookies
Your favorite muscle: Butt New goal for second month: 15 mile run
Trash Talk: HTFU, google it.

Ok had an ok week!! Not the best but much better
loss during week four 3 lbs
total from start 7 lbs can't % im retarted
rating for week 7
most temping food hast to be pizza and mexican food!
Can't talk about or tell you my favorite muscle
Goal for 2nd month is to stay on task and loose 10 lbs
I have not started out so well because I want You guys to think its going to be easy to beat me. But I will finish strong and I will kick all your sorry butts in the end!! your pain is my gain Pics will follow tonight !!!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Rumbling Tummy

Current weight: 267
Loss during week 4: +6
Total loss from start: 14
Total % weight loss: 9.5%
Weekly Rating (1-10): 4
Best Workout Moment: last night finally made it to the gym for the first time
Most Tempting Food: jack in the box breakfast burritos
Your favorite muscle: the one that controls my eyebrows...i make funny faces with them
New goal for second month: get down to 250
Trash Talk:here goes nothing belts keep getting looser, how 'bout your's?

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Current weight: 184.8
Loss during week 4: -.6 lbs
Total loss from start: 5.5 lbs
Total % weight loss: not enough
Weekly Rating (1-10): 4
Best Workout Moment: dead lifts of 245 lbs - man that was heavy
Most Tempting Food: baked sweets
Your favorite muscle: quads - they burn after maxing on squats
New goal for second month: drop below 180 and stay there
Trash Talk: need to refocus and stop eating my wife's sunday brownies

Current Weight: 242
Loss Week 4: 1.5 lbs
Total Loss: 16.5 lbs
Total percentage: 6.3%
Weekly Rating: 5
Best Workout Moment: 3 sets 225lbs 10 reps
Most Tempting Food: The buffet at the superbowl party.
Favorite Muscle: My Traps
New Goal for Month 2: Lose 15 more lbs and run a sub 18 min 2mi
Trash Talk: Maverick, goose called and blames you...slam. Obama, Hannity called and said you can't be his new co-host and stop hanging out on his lawn..slam.
R.I.PBear Claws 1.5 rollsAspartame

Monday, February 2, 2009

Beef & Slub

Current weight: 222
Loss during week 4: +6
Total loss from start: 15
Total % weight loss: 6.3%
Weekly Rating (1-10): 3
Best Workout Moment: I did 12 pullups
Most Tempting Food: guacamole with honey buttered tortillas
Your favorite muscle: shoulder
New goal for second month: add running to my daily workout
Trash Talk: bring it bearclaw

Current weight: 196
Loss during week 4: -1
Total loss from start:0
Total % weight loss: 0
Weekly Rating (1-10): 8
Best Workout Moment: kicking the junk out of my back and arms with burnouts on thursday
Most Tempting Food: any kind of sweets
Your favorite muscle: well my second favorite are my triceps
New goal for second month: see more real results
Trash Talk: i suck at this game