Tuesday, April 28, 2009


had an average week id say 7
best moment: my three soccer games last week
song: cant be saved by senses fail
current weight 193
lost this week 1lb
favorite muscle my shoulders


Current Weight: 251
Total Loss: +6
Your 6 Week Goals (Write a short paragraph describing the next month and a half... exercise, diet, body transformation)
6 Week Goals: Diet- Less than 2000 calories/day Exercise- 4 miles running or 400 yards swimming + push-ups and sit-ups 6 days a week Transformation: I want to see the pounds melt away and finish June 1st below 230 pounds.



Current Weight: 212
Total Loss: -25lbs
Your 6 Week Goals: My goal is to increase stamina and overall strength. I've never been able to keep up in any active sport so I would like to be prepared for a competitive race this summer. I'm limiting my dairy intake and eating primarily lean protein and vegetables. By the end of this I want to be at or around 200lbs. In my weight lifting workouts I'm aiming for size so I will be keeping my reps closer to 8-10. I'd like to see at least a little bit of ab definition at the end of all this...

Bear CLaw

Bear Claw
Current Weight: 193
Total Loss: 41 lbs

Eating perfection, strong workouts. We have had a lot going on with moving etc. and I need to get back to my established routine.


Cobra Kai
Current Weight: 226
Total Loss: 32.7lbs

First let's take it down a little I want you all to put on something smooth perhaps a little mister LaMontagne or some Foghat, I don't know your call but it will be great back ground for imagining cobra kai running on the beach doing the occasional jump kick toning his body over the next six weeks as he sheds llbs all the way down to the 210 mark and beyond. I'm going to increase the amount of excercise but i'm going to start mixing it up, much more surfing, yoga, monster truck pulling and beach related excercises. as far as diet goes I will go from Vitamin D milk to 2% and completely cutting out sheet cake finally getting rid of my spare tire. I'll let you guys sleep on that for now.

Big Papa

Current Weight: 178

Total Loss: 10-12 lbs

Your 6 Week Goals (Write a short paragraph describing the next month and a half... exercise, diet, body transformation)

To bust through my slump by eating right, hitting the gym 5 days a week, and getting below 170 lbs

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Current Weight: 194 bad week for me
Total Loss: +2
Your 6 Week Goals (Write a short paragraph describing the next month and a half... exercise, diet, body transformation)

My goal for the last six weeks is to increase my endurance. Ive been playing a lot of soccer and want to be able to go for longer periods of time so that I can have a bigger impact of the game. Im going to limit my carbs and fried food intake as well as limit myself to no more than one day of fast food aka mcdonalds, ez take out, carls junior. If I go out to eat I will not over eat/endulge in un-necessary wants that my body doesnt need. Im going to continue playing soccer and hit the gym daily. My old gym buddy fractured some vertibrate recently and Ive lacked motivation to go alone. Im going to make myself go and make my ab crease get more defined as well as my arms.

I want to finish below 190 as ive replaced fat with muscle and wont get down to 175 like I originally thought.

Monday, April 6, 2009


Current Weight: 245

Loss Last Week:2

Week Rating:6

Highlight: Still eating salad instead of pizza!

Lowlight Have done hardly any cardio this week


Current Weight: 215
Loss Last Week: 0
Week Rating: 7
Highlight: I found a nice vein on my deltoid.
Lowlight: I can still pinch an inch.

Bear Claw

Current Weight: 188

Loss Last Week:2

Week Rating:8.5

Highlight: Did my weekly ten mile run in 1:20

Lowlight: Weekend eating habits

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Cobra Kai

What the What? People step up and pay! My bookie doesn't let me place a bet and then at half time say never mind because my team is down.
Current Weight: 227 lbs
Loss this week: 0
Rate this week: 5
Highlight: March Madness/ Week off of weight lifting. We were in a rut so we took a break and now I realize how much I love her.
Low light: Bro's night 3 slices of pizza 10 wings. It tasted like sweet manna from the sky. It may have been another Highlight.
Cobra Kai out!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Big Papa

Ran 3 miles this am
Ate garbage all weekend and feel like it


Current Weight: 190
Loss Last Week: 0
Week Rating: 7
Highlight: Friday night got to the gym after work at 12am and worked out hard, finished with a mile swim in the pool
Lowlight: not getting my ace into the gym for weeks and only finally getting back in on thursday.