Saturday, June 13, 2009

Cobra Kai-Finalist 3

Cobra Kai Yah!

Beginning Weight: 258.7
Current Weight: 222

Beginning Clothes sizes: 38 Waist XXL/XL Shirt
Current Clothes sizes: 36 waist XL shirt

Beginning Exercise Condition: 6 low cardio endurance, slow burst, bad lifts
Current Exercise Condition: 8.5 good cardio endurance, great burst and speed again, great lifting numbers never have had stronger arms and shoulders.

Overall Rating Total: 7

Ripquest has been an amazing journey. I think I know what Odysseus must have felt like after his great adventure or maybe Zac Efron after High School Musical 3: Graduation. Not only did I lose a great amount of weight but I have established some great new habits that fit seamlessly into everyday life. People pay large amounts of money to lose the weight that I have so the $100 entry was well spent. I think looking back, like a Bachelor reunion show there are some things I would have done different but I think having relations with the many different types of ladies I mean working out helped me discover what I was really looking for in the long run. Balance between mind, body and I get treated like Norm from Cheers at the gym now. I think my results, consistency, far superior trash talk and great weekly entries catapult me clearly into the winner circle. Ripquest though our battle ends here today you will always have a place in my heart when I eat Double Western Bacon Cheeseburgers.

Cobra Kai Yah!
Bring It on Norris bring it on (please reference initial goals)

Bear Claw-Finalist 2


Beginning Weight: 233
Current Weight: 188

Beginning Clothes Sizes: 38"
Current Clothes Sizes: 33"

Beginning Exercise Condition: 3 - Was too heavy to run much it hurt my joints. 10-11 minute miles were a stretch. also pretty weak lifting. Just felt like a blob.

Current Exercise Condition: 9 - since starting RipQuest I can bench 210, finally more than my weight. I run a sub 20 minute 5k. I have also done 2 100+ mile bike rides. Feeling great!

Overall Rating Total: 8.4

Brief paragraph: This was really fun to do. I gave some method to my madness. I could have done better toward the end but a ton of "life" things happened. I am going to keep it up and if I win I will challenge the other fellas to double or nothing for Jan.1 2010.

BEEF-Finalist 1


Beginning Weight: 237
Current Weight: 207

Beginning Clothes Sizes: 38"
Current Clothes Sizes: 34"

Beginning Exercise Condition: 4 - Working out was miserable and I would get winded and weak almost instantly. My over all energy level was really low.
Current Exercise Condition: 8 - I still have room for improvement but have never reach this level of fitness in my life. My cardio and endurance is stronger than I ever thought possible. A one hour workout energizes me rather than sucking out everything I had. My strength when completing every day tasks is like being a different person. Many things that would tire me out just feel routine and normal.

Overall Rating Total: 96/14 Average Rating 6.9

Brief paragraph: I'm glad we did this. I've tried getting in shape several times before but never stuck it out this long. Health conscious living has become a lifestyle and exercise is something I want to do rather than feel like I should do. I came very close to my weight loss goals and feel like I've far surpassed my expectations for physical strength and endurance. I can't wait till next year. I should win because I don't have saggy boobs anymore.