Saturday, January 31, 2009

Bear Claw & Maverick

Current weight: 205 lbs.
Loss during week 4: 5 lbs.
Total loss from start: 28 lbs.
Total % weight loss for month: 12 %
Weekly Rating (1-10): 8.5
Best Workout Moment: doing a pm workout even though I didn't want to
Most Tempting Food: licorice (doritos are now second).
Your favorite muscle: errr. calves?
New goal for second month: -15 to 190 lbs., bench my weight, and feeling good.
Trash Talk: I am on track my friends... this next month will be awesome!

Current weight: 255.5
Loss during week 4: 3 lbs
Total loss from start: 16 lbs
Total % weight loss: 5.9%Weekly Rating (1-10): 7
Best Workout Moment: Ran a 10K race in an hour this morning
Most Tempting Food: Barbacoa Burro from Cafe Rio...lookout!
Your favorite muscle: I don't know...I can't find any yet :)
New goal for second month: I want to lose 18 lbs. in Feb
Trash Talk: Slow and steady wins the race boyz!
Hope you didn't pig out this week Bear Claw...I've got my eye on you. By the way Doritos are gross, how can you even eat 'em? :) They're just above spoonfuls of granulated sugar in the snacks with nutritional value category...lay off 'em!


current 216loss-1
total loss -12 percentage- .04%
week rate-5
best workout moment- watching the laker loss in double overtime to the bobcats while riding a bike at the gym.
most tempting food- pizza
muscle- keg
goal- workout 4 times
trash talk- watch out for the sleeper!

current 241 loss-1
total loss -4
week rate-3
best workout moment- I got some workouts in this week which is a start!
most tempting food- still a burger
muscle- my glutius maximus
goal- more workouts & better eating
trash talk- 3 months still I can do a lot.

*having trouble loading pics will fix asap.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Current weight: 201
Loss during week 3: +2
Total loss from start:
Weekly Rating (1-10): 4
Best Workout Moment: started off great but lost it midweek
Most Tempting Food: Polish Sausages
Did you achieve your specific goal from last week? Explain... Got going with exercise but lost it. So no.
Trash Talk: Ummmm. none this week. Obama needs to step it up.

Current weight: 215
Loss during week 3:Gained .2
Total loss from start:14
Weekly Rating (1-10): 2
Best Workout Moment: The one time I made it to the gym
Most Tempting Food: Fries
Did you achieve your specific goal from last week? Explain... Nope, I ended up working over 100 hours this week. That meant no gym time for me.
Trash Talk: Um, can you trash talk when you can't even get to the gym more than once a week.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Rumbling Tummy & Aspartame

Rumbling Tummy
Current weight: 270
Loss during week 3: added 6 lbs
Total loss from start: 11 total
Weekly Rating (1-10): 2
Best Workout Moment: walking 2 miles to the mechanic
Most Tempting Food: everything this past week
Did you achieve your specific goal from last week? Explain... No...ended up having to leave town for the death of my best shattered my hope for a good week
Trash Talk: Talk is cheap !!

Failed to report... Is out of the competition.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Big Papa & Cobra Kai

Big Papa
Current weight: 185.4
Loss during week 3: +2 lbs
Total loss from start: -5 lbs
Weekly Rating (1-10): 5
Best Workout Moment: maxing out on the straight-leg dead lift - man, that was heavy!
Most Tempting Food: pizza (and yes, I caved in to it)
Did you achieve your specific goal from last week? Explain... Yes, I got back into my weight lifting routine. Unfortunately, I slacked off on watching what I eat. Next week I do both!
Trash Talk: No need to - everyone already knows the outcome of this is inevitable with me the ripquest champ!

Cobra Kai
Loss this week 2 lbs
Current weight 243.5 lbs
Total Loss from Start 15 lbs
Weekly Rating 8.5
Survived a visit from my parents and my in laws in the same week and controlled myself when we went out to eat with them.
Best Work Out Moment: Selling my house; which caused me to run down my street one hundred times in my speedo screaming for joy. The sprinting combined with the screaming proved to be a great workout.
Most tempting food: new york style pizza/key lime pie. If someone created a key lime pizza I would be hosed.I achieved my goal of continued weight loss and i'm half way to my goal so I might have to up the anti.This week I would like to lose 5 more lbs despite the superbowl festivities and eat less dairy.
Trash talk: Beef it's whats for not going to win this competition. Bear Claw looks shiny and wonderful on the outside but we all know it's filled with a soft fruity inside. he probably voted no on 8.Cobra Kai Yah!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Beef & Slub

Current weight: 216lbs
Loss during week 3: 5lbs
Total loss from start: 21lbsWeekly Rating (1-10): 2
Best Workout Moment: made it through an hour of yoga without falling or quitting
Most Tempting Food: mexi fries from taco time
Did you achieve your specific goal from last week? No, I only worked out 2 days and only one was cardio and my eating was bad. I only had 3 or 4 actual meals.
Trash Talk: Is anyone else going to join the competition besides bearclaw?

Current weight: 195
Loss during week 3: 0
Total loss from start: 1
Weekly Rating (1-10): 7
Best Workout Moment: friday: hours of snowboarding, then two hours of bbal and then gym
Most Tempting Food: Fast food
Did you achieve your specific goal from last week? Explain... well i didnt make one actually but knew I need to get some thing to help out my muscle growth and I got something and am taking it regularly
Trash Talk: my tummys looking good in the mornings

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Maverick & Bear Claw

Current weight: 258.5
Loss during week 3: 4.5
Total loss from start: 13
Weekly Rating (1-10): 7 (would’ve been an 8 but it was my birfday)
Best Workout Moment: Jogging 4 miles without a myocardial infarction
Most Tempting Food: Green Corn Tamales with Baja Sauce… mmmmmm
Did you achieve your specific goal from last week? No Explain...I did get 6 days of cardio in, which was my goal, but I didn’t have an hour everyday.
Trash Talk: Look out fellas…the semi’s rollin’!

Current weight: 210 lbs.
Loss during week 3: -4 lbs.
Total loss from start: -23 lbs.
Weekly Rating (1-10): 7.17893
Best Workout Moment: bench press maxing
Most Tempting Food: it is still doritos
Did you achieve your specific goal from last week? Explain... I did drink more water but still need to do better. I slipped in my eating... argh. I will be perfection this week!
Trash Talk: Cobra Kai and Chancho can stick it. On May 1st I will go Mister Miyagi on your butts.

Chancho & Otto

Current 217
Loss- 2
Total loss-11
Week rate 5
Best workout moment- uh unfortunately I only played bball, but I was good.
Most tempting food- pastrami cheeseburger with chili cheese fries
I didn’t reach my goal of working out more this week. I will this week though.
Trash talk- bear claw you are going down.

Loss during week 1
Total loss from start: 2.5
Weekly Rating (1-10): 1
Best Workout Moment: walking
Most Tempting Food: lunch - hamburger
Did you achieve your specific goal from last week? Explain... no. there's always next week
Trash Talk: Chancho is a pansy

Thursday, January 22, 2009

HTFU & Obama

Current Weight: 114.8
Loss this week: 6.5
Total Loss: 9.9
Weakly rating: 4
Best Workout moment: hitting a new high on push ups
Most Tempting Food: Coca - Cola
Goal For Week: Friday I have off, so Swim 45 minutes, Bike 1.;5 hours and Run 1 hour. Followed by Pull ups, Push Ups, and Sit ups. It is going to be a great day.

Current Weight: 199
Loss this week: 0
Total Loss: 6
Weekly rating: 2
Best Workout moment: none.
Most Tempting Food: Pizza.... lots and lots of pizza
Goal For Week: Lose 5 lbs. and start exercising program.... sorry the inauguration was stressful.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Rumbling Tummy & Aspartame

Rumbling Tummy
Current weight: 264 lbs.
Loss this week: 9 lbs.
Total loss from both weeks: -17 lbs.
Weekly Rating: 5
Best Workout Moment: Still haven't been able to hit the gym
Most Tempting Food: Cookie dough Ice Cream
Specific goal for coming week: Get in the GYM!!!

weight: 217
loss: 3 pounds
combined: 8 pounds
weekly rating: 7
workout moment: yoga: lotus position
food: spicy fries and fry sauce
goal: workout everyday

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Big Papa & Cobra Kai

Big Papa
current weight: 183 lb
Loss this week: 5.6 lb
Total loss to date: 6 lbs
Weekly rating 7
Best workout moment: kept adding 5 minutes to the treadmill till I hit a solid 30 minutes and punched through 3 miles
Most tempting food: ice cream cake at the office - skipped it!
Specific goal for coming week: to integrate weight lifting back into my daily workouts

Cobra Kai
Current weight 145.5
Total Weight Loss 13 lbs
Total 5% loss to date
Weekly Rating 7.5 I let travel interfere with my diet and amount of work outs but there are no excuses in this dojo. If you can work out at home you can work out anywhere.
Cobra Kai is back on the weights so look out. If Obama's performance in the white house is anything like Obama's in this contest we are all in trouble. I want a president who is going to try.
Best work out moment: Returning to the weights. We had a long awkward hug.
Most tempting food: Cafe Rio Key lime pie
Cobra Kai out

Monday, January 19, 2009

Slub & Beef

Current weight:195
Loss this week:1lb
Total loss from both weeks:1
Weekly Rating:6
Best Workout Moment:Monday morning
Most Tempting Food: California Pizza Kitchen. I work there so its hard

Current weight: 221
Loss this week: 4
Total loss from both weeks: 16
Weekly Rating: 8
Best Workout Moment: being able to do an hour of cardio and not feel dead after
Most Tempting Food: german chocolat cheese cake
Specific goal for coming week: cardio and recover from heavy weight training

Friday, January 16, 2009

Bear Claw & Maverick

Bear Claw
Current weight: 214 lbs.
Loss this week: 9 lbs.
Total loss from both weeks: 19 lbs.
Weekly Rating: 8.5
Best Workout Moment: Almost puking after hitting the punching bag
Most Tempting Food: Doritos
Specific goal for coming week: Get more sleep and drink more water

Current weight: 263
Loss this week: 2
Total loss from both weeks: 8.5
Weekly Rating: 5
Best Workout Moment: Jogged 3 miles in 27 minutes
Most Tempting Food: Carl’s Jr. Jalapeno Burger
Specific goal for coming week: 1 hour of cardio everyday

Chancho & Otto

Current 219 -5 lbs.
total 9 lbs.
week rate: 5 good for diet. Need to workout more
best workout moment: hitting game winning 3 for pick up ball at church
most tempting food: I know it sounds gross but a hot dog from gas station.
Next Week's Goal. Workout 4 times

Current: 243.5 lost 0
Total 1.5 lbs.
Week Rate: 1
Another not so fantastic week. Only 2 days of exercise, an out of state trip for a wedding (Lousy thing for trying to eat healthy, and two days of Jury Duty. Next week has to get better. )


One Week Down RipQuesters!

Well the first round of reports are in... congrats to everyone on a great first week. For the first round of reporting we were pretty aggressive in reminding everyone to report. But now that everyone has done one week and knows their day to report it is 100% on you guys.

Remember, if you miss your report you will be DQ'd, no exceptions. The reason for this is 2 fold. First, and most important, Accountability. Being held accountable in your reporting and knowing that there are consequences helps keep all of us diligent in our fitness commitments. Each of you need to internalize that you committed to a healthy transformation over these 4 months. Weekly tracking of your progress and reporting is a big part of that. As each of you go through your week knowing that you will have to account for your choices of diet and exercise it will help you make better decisions. Second, which is less important, it is enough work for us to update everything daily. We don't also want to be playing catch up on late reports.

Fear can be a healthy motive at times and losing 100 bucks and being out of the competition is a healthy drive to help you achieve your goals. Have a great next week on your Quest!

*Also, here is the % weight loss calculation: weight loss divided by original weight=% so for example. 10 lbs. weight loss divided by 200 lb.s start weight = .05 or 5%

Thursday, January 15, 2009



Current Weight - 221.3%
loss - 3.4

My Week - 3.14159 (mmmm, pi)
Comments, Ran, Swam, Pulled up, Sat up, Pushed Up, Curled, Slept
Diet, I love food. I am not changing my diet.

Trash Talk - I am not here for you, I am here for me. HTFU boys, HTFU

*Had trouble loading photo will get it sorted asap.
Weight 199 under 200!! -6 lbs.
2.9% weight loss
rate: 2
Didn't do much working out. I was at my grandmothers funeral not a good week?

But oboma is a late bloomer! Watch out all you Hillarys and McCains out there

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Rumbling Tummy

8 lbs lost 2.8%
cutting portion size and cutting out fast food...
no real excercise due to sinus infection...
drinking water and no more carbonated drinks....

trash talk: if I can lose this much weight with little effort than the next week is going to be huge..I WILL BE THE BIGGEST LOSER !!! I started with the most to lose


Current Weight: 220 llb.s -4 llb.sTotal %: 2%
Rating: 5Workout: not so good...
Diet: Was really good with the diet. Did a whole juice/water fast thing for a three to five days
Trash: Everyone is looking good, i'm glad my second place competitor will look good next to me on the winner's stand.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


current: 188.6 lbs
total loss: .4% (.8 lbs)
my week: 2
workout: just getting back into it
diet: oh, yeah, guess I better start doing that

trash talk: Now that I've given everyone a head start, there can be no complaints when I dominate.

Cobra Kai reporting YAH!
250.5 lbsLoss 8.2 lbs% loss 3%
Week Rating 8
Workout: Workouts are good. Still waiting on shoulder for weightlifting but I will be back pumping iron with a vengeance soon.
Diet: Staying strong. smaller portions more often. If any one see's tostitos queso dip tell her I love her and miss her dearly.
Trash talk: Whenever I feel like slacking, I just remind myself that I don't want one of those weird 1 1/2 rolls like Bear Claw and I push myself even harder.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Beef & Slub


Weight: 225 -12 lbs.
Total %: 5%
Rate your week overall: 6

Workout: Slacked overall and missed a few days when on vacation
Diet: Reduced intake overall but at a loss of energy needs to be more balanced

Trash Talk: If I can do what I did on vacation and still get ripped you have no chance!


Weight: 191 -3 lbs.
Total %: +1.2%
Rate: 5
Workout: need to try more
Diet: eating less
Trash Talk: just wait and see

Saturday, January 10, 2009



Current Weight: 265.0 lost 6.5 lbs.
Total % loss: 2.45%
Rate: 6
Workout: I did OK doing cardio workouts this week. I got sick though.
Diet: I've done well cutting out the worst things from my diet. I need to work on portion sizes and sticking to healthy snacks.
Trash Talk: Obama who? :)


Weight: 223 lbs. lost 10 lbs.
4.2% weight loss
Rate your week: 9
Workout: Did just enough
Diet: had a few weak moments

Trash Talk: I am on my way. watch out.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Chancho & Otto


225 lost 3 lbs.
percent loss 1 %
diet: i could improve, but did okay. i am starting to count calories now.
Workout Piss-poor
Rate: 3 i can do a lot better and will!

Trash: you other 11 guys might as well quit now.


Weight 244.5lbs lost .1/2lb

Percent loss .002%

Rating 1

Lousy workout and Diet

Will be an animal next week.

Watch out!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Lesson 1 S.R.A.

First lesson is.... STRESS, RECOVER, ADAPT (repeat it aloud 3 times while holding your holiday belly).

This physiological process is the heart of all exercise. It is very simple to understand but quite another to apply. Most problems encountered by people beginning a new exercise and diet program would be solved if they understood this simple process.

Here is how you break it down...

STRESS: This is the implementation of a stimulus on the body in an effort to make it change in some way. So lifting a weight or running will fatigue the muscle groups involved and place more demand on the muscle fibers and blood vessels. During this time of stress the muscle fibers demand more fuel, oxygen, blood, and muscle recruitment from the body.

RECOVER: After a "stress" the body needs time to assess what has happened, rest, and prepare. The three main components to aid recovery are time, sleep, and good nutrition. This is one of the most overlooked areas of exercise and the cause of lots of misery. (ex. eat some protein and quality carbohydrates within 15 minutes of completing an exercise.)

ADAPT: When stress and recovery occurs the body will adapt by forming new blood vessels, muscle fibers, and the recruiting of existing muscle fibers. (An untrained person might use only 50% of the muscle but exercise "recruits" existing fibers and makes them available for use.)

When this process is maximized a subject gains dramatic muscle development, strength, and weight loss. When it is not, they experience injury, fatigue, and frustration. Bottom line is... work out hard when it is time but then allow your body do its thing! The last thing you want at this point is to over do it, get injured, and be stuck sitting around.

Have fun reporting!

ps: we take requests on certain topics if anyone would like to learn about something specific.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Well men... the fine specimens that you see below are the official competitors. We have a few stragglers that may still jump in. The posts on here will begin regularly to help everyone achieve their goals!

Congrats on taking the quest to RIPPED manhood.

Thursday, January 1, 2009


229 lbs.
220 lbs. lean muscle

205 lbs.
170 lbs. goal

224 lbs.
180 lbs. thai kick boxer bad ass

190 lbs.
160 lbs. goal and MMA contract

281 lbs.
225 lbs. goal

Starting Weight: 258.7 lbs
Goal: To face off with Chuck Norris in the Octagon or 225 lbs.

194 lbs.
175 lbs. goal

228 lbs.
190 lbs. goal

237 lbs.
195 lbs. goal

271.5 lbs.
220 lbs. goal

Bear Claw
233 lbs.
185 lbs. goal

245 lbs.
199 lbs. goal